A "Prihatin" Poem For Mr. Beye -->

A "Prihatin" Poem For Mr. Beye

Abu Rafah
Jumat, 16 Agustus 2013
Islamedia - A "Prihatin" Poem For Mr. Beye

Dear Mr. Beye
Our President

Maybe our BIG attention by saying "Prihatin" is more than enough,
though only to cover the “sadness” of our family's soul
that reach 6.000 people has been killed by El-sisi's Military
in Egypt yesterday 14/08/2013

How funny we are
Noted as the biggest moslem country in the world
BUT!!! Become the FIRST moslem country
that only said "PRIHATIN" in this terrible case "MASSACRE..."

Don't we have brave soldiers
don't we have great, excellent, and brilliant diplomats?
Don't we have those? Where are they?

I see, maybe we are too busy with "our own business"
Can be politics, economics, or maybe corruptions?

Oh...OR maybe we as Indonesian people
are not really good enough
to understand diplomatic strategies
OR we don’t have enough bravery to said the TRUTH
Oh...how poor we are
Noted as the biggest moslem country in the world
And do nothing

Dear Mr. Beye, our President
Do we know that our attitude by only saying "PRIHATIN" to Egypt
shows that we are more really miserable than #EgyptToday actually
How paradox our country is...


Written by : Evi Marlina
Master Student Ankara University, Turkey