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Rabu, 22 Mei 2013
Islamedia - Lying is it good or not it is up to you. People have been lying for millions of years, which side are you on ?

Most kids thinks it is okay but there’s heaps more that say that it is not okay. That includes me. Tthese are my reason why I choose to be in this side.

Firstly lying can cause us trouble for example you lied to a very important person and some one knows that you are lying you can get in to a really big trouble. Would you want that to happened?

I know that it doesn’t happened much in here and it can help you by getting out of this trouble but that can make your feelings bad and sometimes you feel like to end your life.

Secondly lying is not good because people will not trust you any more and that’s not a really good feeling, is it?

People don`t really believe this reason because how would you know if this person really don’t trust you anymore. Can you read people`s mind?

For addition that lying is not good is because you might be one of the suspect for lying so people will follow you and that is kind of weird.

I know people will not realise that they`re being followed by someone but actually you are followed by heaps of people.

Do you want that to happen?

For conclusion I think that we shouldn’t lie because it is bad for you. 

Abang Sihka (Usia 5th Primary School)