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Asia Pacific Community Conference for Palestine

Rabu, 22 Juni 2011
Islamedia - The constitution of the Republic of Indonesia declares “Independence is the rights of all nations, therefore all forms of oppression/occupation must be abolished on this earth”. Indonesia always declares its free and active international political stand point in bringing peace on earth. The world has seen how the land of Al-Quds has been intimidated and the people of Palestine have been deprived of their lands and blockaded for the last few years by the Zionist Israel. The destruction that they have experienced for years has been devastating: tens of  thousands Palestinian people killed, hundreds of thousands mostly children and women become victims and refugees outside of Palestinian land, and thousands of houses and social infrastructures destroyed completely. Serious violations of human rights of Palestinian by Zionist Israel have been condemned and cursed by other nations that still have sincere hearts worldwide. Some other countries have even done concrete steps, such as expelling representatives of Israeli government from their countries, boycotting products of Israel and allies including USA, and organizing massive demonstration and sending humanitarian aids to Gaza, Palestine. Nations worldwide were not left outdoing heroic actions as evidences of solidarity and support for Palestinian people, such as the First and Second Freedom Flotilla Actions sometime ago. 

Inspired by the two above mentioned mandates and aspiration to help the people of Palestine, the Indonesian National Committee for PalestinianPeople (KNRP) and the Palestinian Caucus of the Indonesian Parliament in collaboration with the World Society for Democracy and Peace (WISDOMS), WAFAA Indonesia, ICMI, PUI, PERSIS, Mathla’ul Anwar, Spirit of Aqsa and Adara Relief International collectively strongly wish to initiate a conference, calling together all parties covering government officials, NGO committees and humanitarian activists in Asia Pacific region who sympathize with Palestine to sit together and to discuss steps tolessens the suffering of Palestinian.